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Apple Considering Anti-Glare Displays for more Macbooks?

Andy Vandervell


Apple Considering Anti-Glare Displays for More Macbooks?

AppleInsider is reporting that according to "people who have proven familiar with the company's plans" (take that as you will), Apple is currently considering extending the option of anti-glare displays from its 17in MacBook Pro to the rest of the range.

Were this to happen it would represent a considerable climb down by the Cupertino based company, which moved to an entirely glossy laptop line-up (aforementioned option excluded) when it launched the unibody MacBook range. As we found when we reviewed the new 13in MacBook Pro (above), viewing photos and videos in bright outdoor conditions proved very difficult. Moreover, while the LED backlit displays are very bright and colourful, they also exhibit noticeable banding that makes them unsuitable for colour sensitive work.

Whether this change would allay more general complaints about the quality of the MacBook displays is another matter, but were Apple to provide an anti-glare option we can imagine plenty of people taking them up on it - even if it cost a little more, which it definitely would.




July 16, 2009, 6:30 pm

Choice is good :) I wouldn't want the anti-glare option personally, but Apple are alienating some of their long-standing user base who are looking to upgrade their laptops but wont stand for 'consumer' glossy.

Thomas 8

July 17, 2009, 2:18 am

Too slow, I've just bought a Sony VGN-AW31 with Blu-ray.

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