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Apple Cans iPhone 3G

Gordon Kelly


Apple Cans iPhone 3G

Surprised? No, us neither...

With the arrival of the much leaked and dissected iPhone 4G expected at WWDC 2010 on 7 June it looks like Apple has decided to cull its second generation model.

The option to buy the entry level 8GB iPhone 3G has today disappeared from Apple's US store with the company not simply listing it as out of stock, but pulling the button to buy it completely without explanation. Major US store Walmart also this week cut the 16GB iPhone 3GS to $99 (£69) on contract so we're clearly getting close kids.

The bigger question, however, is whether Apple will dump the iPhone 3G and make a 16GB iPhone 3GS a cheap entry level model or cull all previous generations when its runaway fourth generation model finally gets an official release? Given the 3GS will be able to pull off the multi-tasking introduced with iPhone OS 4.0 I'd suggest it could stick around for a while yet - and why not? It's still a hugely capable handset.

As for its successor, we wonder whether Apple will have any surprises left for us after the infamous tale of its limelight loving new model. An upgraded camera with Flash, faster processor, more memory, 720p video recording, a front facing camera for video conferencing and a slimmer, flatter form factor all bode well, but we can't help think there are a few Easter eggs still to be uncovered.

How about WiFi Sync? *cough*

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