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Apple Calls Friday Conference, Releases iOS 4.1 to Developers

Gordon Kelly


Apple Calls Friday Conference, Releases iOS 4.1 to Developers

The simple answer is Apple should have done this weeks ago...

Three weeks on from Steve Jobs' now infamous email instructing "Just avoid holding it in that way", the Cupertino company has announced it is to hold an unscheduled press conference this Friday. It will take place at 10AM PST which equates to 5pm GMT - no further information was given.

Interestingly Apple has also today dropped the much discussed new iOS 4 firmware on developers. Surprisingly it eschews the rumoured 4.01 version number for a more serious 4.1 moniker, but so far initial reports say it does little more than what Apple claimed: reduce signal bars and make them appear bigger. The hyped Game Center app makes an appearance and has been tweaked slightly, but it is unknown whether it will be included in the final release.

Either way, it seems inevitable the conference and the firmware are not connected and it shows how uncomfortable Apple has become since I can't remember the last time it scheduled an unexpected formal event at such short notice. Normally Apple is a company obsessed with organisation and scripting. This announcement is verging on spontaneous.

If only a) it hadn't made such a big deal of the new antenna system and b) it had only owned up earlier...

Maybe, just maybe, lessons are being learned.

In related news Computerworld quotes Microsoft chief operating officer Kevin Turner as saying "It looks like the iPhone 4 might be {Apple's} Vista, and I'm okay with that." An amusing sound bite which also pokes fun at his own company, something we hope Steve Jobs will someday also manage to do.

Update: The firmware version number returned to 4.0.1 when it was released late on Thursday night.


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