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Apple Buy Wireless Headphone Company

David Gilbert


Apple Buys Wireless Headphone Company

It seems that instead of developing its own wireless headphones, Apple has dipped into its seriously large coffers and bought a company that does it already. Reports circulating last night suggest that Apple has acquired wireless headphone maestros Wi-Gear, a company that specialises in making Bluetooth audio accessories.

Now, we here at TrustedReviews don’t like to speculate wildly about the future of technology, but we’ll make an exception this time, so here goes. "TrustedReviews believes that Apple, in the near future, will look to bring out some form of wireless audio accessory for the iPhone and iPod." There it is. We could be way off the mark but sometimes you just have to go with your instincts.

For years the iconic white headphone cables told any potential pickpocket who was using an Apple device and even which pocket that device was stored in. Those days could be at an end however as Wi-Gear already produces the popular iMuff, which was a wireless headset which could be used with an iPod or iPhone.

While companies such as Motorola, Logitech, Sennheiser and Plantronics have had a lot of success with wireless audio accessories, thus far Apple has had little luck in this area. Lucky for it then that it has quite a lot of money and could buy Wi-Gear instead.

While no official statement from either side has been forthcoming about the acquisition, one of the founders of Wi-Gear was just so happy about the news he couldn't keep it to himself. Michael Kim seemed so delighted to be now working for Apple he changed his LinkedIn profile to list his current job as a Bluetooth engineer at Apple on the company’s iOS platform. Way to keep your excitement in check Michael.

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