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Apple Begins iPhone 4 Case Replacement Program


Apple Begins iPhone 4 Case Replacement Program

As promised, Apple has begun its iPhone 4 case program.

iPhone 4 owners can now download a free app from the App store from which owners can select a free iPhone 4 ‘bumper’ or choose from one of seven third-party cases. These include a Incase snap, a Belkin Shield, or a Griffin Motif.

If you’re having reception issues though, you’ll need to be patient as the app quotes a wait time of 3-5 weeks for delivery.

Owners of other iPhones won’t be able to order a free case, as the app checks the IMEI number and serial number of the phone before you can order. The app can be downloaded directly from an iPhone, or transferred over when connected to a PC or Mac via iTunes.

If you’ve already bought a case, your credit card should have already been refunded or you can take your receipt for the case you bought back to an Apple Store for a refund.

Apple's case replacement service is in response to widely reported signal reception issues, which are due to the iPhone’s antenna being part of the exterior of the phone. Placing the iPhone 4 in a case solves the problem as it prevents the owners own hand attenuating the signal when the phone is picked up.

It's also worth taking care not to drop your iPhone 4 till your case arrives, as another little known benefit of a case is to protect it from damage, as well as helping the phone inside it make phone calls.

Link: iPhone 4 Case Program.

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