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Apple 18 Sept: 'Mum Is No Longer The Word'

Gordon Kelly


Apple 18 Sept: 'Mum Is No Longer The Word'

Are Apple events becoming less mysterious?

We knew exactly what was coming with its 'The Beat Goes On...' event last week: new iPods and all their gory details. I think I know exactly what is up this time too...

Today Apple has dished out a press release to journos entitled 'Mum is no longer the word': it's the European iPhone launch details and confirmation of its exclusive UK contract with O2, also known as the industry's worst kept secret.

Anyway, for what it's worth, you will have to wait until 18 September (we have a morning briefing in the Regent Street Apple Store) to hear straight from the horse's mouth that the iPhone is being launched in the UK on O2. Hopefully however while the 'What' is common knowledge we should finally get the all important 'When'.

On the other hand, will we get news of a 3G iPhone? Possibly with regards to a future launch date (expect a vague '08 reference) but I very much doubt Apple would infuriate its existing iPhone owners any more than it already has...


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