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App Opens iPhone & touch Over The Web

Gordon Kelly


App Opens iPhone & touch Over The Web

Perhaps one of the good things about receiving the iPhone late in the UK is that we have circumvented a lot of the early hacking issues with the handset and today they just became easier than ever...

Not that I would ever openly encourage opening your iPhone but should you wish to do so a new tool called 'AppSnapp' has made the task unbelievably straightforward.

All AppSnapp requires is that any new, unlocked v1.1.1 iPhone or iPod touch point mobile Safari in the direction of its website and click 'Install AppSnapp' - the hack uses the handset's well known tiff exploit to open it up for the installation of third party applications. Hilariously, AppSnapp also patches the tiff exploit itself making the handset safer than unhacked models!

The patch isn't a complete one-step solution however as AppSnapp does not unlock iPhones for use on other networks - that requires AnySim 1.1 (though it can now be easily installed as the handset has been opened). That said, I wonder how long before that too becomes integrated...

Of course some may argue that Apple has already conceded its closed platform stance after announcing the iPhone will receive an official SDK in February. Still, that involves waiting and we're not good with waiting...



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