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Android running Android controlled by Android


Android running Android controlled by Android

Yo dawg! We heard you like Android so we put Android in yo Android so you can get yo geek on while you get yo geek on.

If anymore proof were needed that Android has a geeky vibe to it, this is surely it. Two Japanese companies, RT Corporation and Brilliant Service, have teamed up to create a near human-sized Android-style Android running Android that can be controlled by a phone running Android. Named, "RIC Android", it was unveiled a few days ago at the Google Developer Day 2010 in Tokyo.

The robot can walk around, swing its arms, rotate left and right, and open the top of its head to reveal its innards. So, a somewhat limited raft of abilities - surely they could at least fit a toaster in there?!

It's built around an Armadillo 500FX board and is controlled by an Android phone over Wi-Fi.

The overall physical design of the robot was done by RT Corp, which is known already for building custom robots, while the controller software was developed by Brilliant Service. While it may seem like a complete gimmick, the companies maintain there are some practical applications. For instance, the robot could be in a remote location like a school where it relays data to the cloud where it can be accessed remotely by a teacher, instructor or researcher.

Along similar lines, they propose using it for simply documenting daily life, taking photos and videos, and recording audio, ready for playback at a later date. All sounds a bit wishy washy to us but, honestly, who really needs a legitmate excuse to have a giant Android Android in their house!?

As you might expect there's no word on how and when you might get hold of one of these, but we're sure if enough people badgered the companies involved they might start ramping up production and shipping worldwide.


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via: Engadget


October 1, 2010, 3:50 pm

...controlled by Android takes over the World!

Hans Gruber

October 1, 2010, 5:41 pm

A walking bin. Awesome!

{Robot voice}'Put your rubbish in here..." Maybe it does have a practical application afterall? Teaching kids in schools not to be such filthy thoughtless citizens and to dispose of their confectionery wrappers properly?

It'd be a good use of public finance, especially in these straitened times eh, Mr Osbourne? Roll 'em out en masse!

Using their creepy little legs and built in SatNav and Google Maps, they can even deliver themselves. Just think of the endless possibilities. 'Hey, you, bin. Come over here!'


October 4, 2010, 5:16 pm

Next step: creating the Anne-droid from the first season of the new Doctor Who?

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