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Android Skins Finally Appearing

Gordon Kelly


Android Skins Finally Appearing

While Android is famed for attracting many with its open source approach the fact is the OS hasn't been as easy to open up as many would like, most notably in one of the most fundamental elements of all...

This is about to change however as 'Open Home - Lite' from Better Android Apps is now freely available in Android Market and it brings that much loved feature: skinning.

Currently only themes made by users at the xda-developers.com forum are supported but that will soon change with BAA saying it will stick to the spirit of Android by opening up the app within the next few days. Alternatives to Open Home are available - most notably aHome and dxTop - but this is by far the most impressive to date.

Appoholics will also be pleased to know Open Home expands the number of screen panels from three to a total of seven (three either side of the home screen) resulting in more than double the amount of real estate.

Hopefully BAA's app is just the start because when I first pictured Android I dreamt of an OS which the right programmer could easily teach to limbo, bring me beer and coach Newcastle United to a League Cup double (yes, Unibond and LDV Vans seem more likely...).


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March 10, 2009, 12:08 pm

Gotta love the XDA devs. If MS had just hired them Win Mo 7 woulda been out a few years ago and been amazing. Liking Android more and more as time goes on.

Zero 1

March 10, 2009, 8:23 pm

Hi all i have been a long term visiter to this website but only today i joined so i can post in this.

Recently got the g1 as a second phone to play around i must say i m slightly disappointed with it, not the hardware apart form the camera being a bit crap but over all it feels pretty solid.

I m just a bit disappointed about the slow movement of this android project and that many apps are being charged, there are not much you can do to the OS i feel. Although the apps in the market at the moment is all free but most of them are pretty useless, and i believe when the real apps comes out there will be charged too. Too me this is just the same business model as the apple apps store but yet so many people are complaining apple lock down. I also own the apple ipod touch and to be fair its alot better then the android market, many free apps which are useful and paid apps too.

To me this open source business seems like a marketing idea more then anything else.

Anyway rant over.

regarding this skins finally appearing is interesting i tired it but once i applied the app it compeleted removed my original apps screen and i had to reorganise the windows again this doesnt happen if you apply a new theme to you iphone or ipt2g the apps icon stay where they are, this kind of annoyed me so i deleted the app and was back to my original screens.


March 11, 2009, 1:12 am

@ Zero

Unfortunately open source only really takes off when you have a desirable product to tie it too - unfortunately the G1 isn't that product and somehow I doubt the G2 will be either. That's not to say there isn't a healthy developer base already developing for Android, but there are a lot more willing to drop Apples platform because of their secretive approval processes and hidden charges but will stay there until a decent phone with Android comes along because that's where the customer base is and where there is money to be made.

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