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Android Receives First Firmware Update

Gordon Kelly


Android Receives First Firmware Update

As might be expected, it has been a busy few weeks in the life of Google Android but now it seems like the OS is getting down to the nitty gritty...

The open source platform's first commercial update will be pushed to customers today in a suitably swanky OTA (Over The Air) method. Officially referred to as 'RC28' very little is given away but we do get a few snippets including a bug fix for the Amazon online store and bunch of performance and stability tweaks.

Resistance to the update is futile (not that there's much reason to) and users will apparently only notice the change if from the main screen they follow the path: Menu > Settings > About Phone > Build number and check out the 'RC##' figure.

In related news, Android Market has undergone some strict quality control shortly after launch with many applications gutted and just 50 available from launch. Poor or not, hopefully this action is not a sign of things to come from a supposedly open platform. As for paid apps, they will eventually arrive in 2009 with developers keeping 70 per cent of the revenue.

Lastly, it seems Facebook fans won't be getting much love on Android since the apparently volatile relationship between it and Google means "zero resources" have been put into developing a dedicated app. Don't worry, unofficial third party ones will turn up soon enough. That's the point after all, right?

Bring on 30 October...!


via T-Mobile forums

FaceBook Info via TechCrunch

Technology changes, and so sho

October 23, 2008, 8:37 pm

'...hopefully this action is not a sign of things to come from a supposedly open platform...'

I couldn't give a monkey's how open it is. I'd far rather see a few _quality_ apps on the store than oodles of crap coded by people who think they're the best thing since Linus Torvalds.

If releasing software should teach you ANYTHING it is that the five keys to a popular app are: quality, quality, quality, quality and quality.

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