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Android Popularity Mapped

David Gilbert


Android Popularity Mapped

The fact that Android is getting more and more popular is pretty well established now. However, no matter how many figures you listen to, seeing a graphical representation of how quickly the platform has grown in the past two years was always going to make interesting viewing.

At the end of January we reported that Android had finally toppled Symbian as the number one smartphone OS in the world. The figures showed that sales of the Android handsets in Q4 2010 had quadrupled since the previous year. It is this stellar growth rate which has now been mapped and made into a video. A new Google-produced map shows light flashes for every Android handset activation since October 2009 through to present day, which clearly shows exactly how quickly the OS has grown.

The maps even marks the major handset launches including the Motorola Droid (aka Milestone) and the Samsung Galaxy S. It was particularly interesting to see just what an impact the launch of the Droid had in North America, similar to the effect the Galaxy S had in Europe at launch. The map shows that Android, while very popular in Europe and North America, still has quite a way to go to gain world domination.

Source: Android Developers via Engadget

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