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Amazon and Barnes & Noble Slash eBook Reader Prices

Gordon Kelly


Amazon and Barnes & Noble Slash eBook Reader Prices

During certain moments we wish we were living in America. Most notably when attaining admiring glances while we put on our plumiest English accents, but also regularly when it comes to tech pricing...

Today Amazon and Barnes & Noble have begun an eBook reader price war which we dearly hope will spill all the way to our shores (too topical?). The former has slashed the price of its Kindle by a whopping $70 to just $189 (£128) which the latter has cut $60 from the still US-only Nook taking it to $199 (£135).

Interestingly these cuts are just the latest in a wave of RRP hacks by both companies. After all the first generation Kindle launched in 2007 for $399 and the Nook only appeared late in 2009 for a debut price of $259. At this rate they'll be giving away eBook readers in packets of breakfast cereal by 2012.

In related (and I suspect influential) news Apple has quietly launched its own eBook reader for the iPhone and iPod touch now iOS 4 is out. The 'iBook' app (that name was destined) is available to download for free in the App Store and comes with a copy of Winnie the Pooh. The iBooks app has been available since launch for the iPad and while I'm not keen to reading off a 9.7in LCD screen for hours at a time, a 3.5in LCD holds even less appeal.

That said they happily sync reading progress wirelessly between one another, so it may be ok for short spells what, what?


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