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Amazon Nearly Doubles Kindle Battery Life

Gordon Kelly


Amazon Nearly Doubles Kindle Battery Life

So just how on earth did it do that...?

Taking us somewhat by surprise Amazon has announced it has managed to increase the battery life of the latest generation Kindle by a whopping 85 per cent. Consequently the popular eBook reader will now last up to seven days even with WiFi turned on - quite the achievement. Battery life without WiFi enabled remains at two weeks.

Amazon hasn't dug into how it achieved this leap, but did say it was "the result of a six month firmware improvement and testing program". All new Kindles will ship with this stamina bump while existing owners will be able to benefit without lifting a finger since the firmware update will be delivered via wireless.

On top of the battery boost the firmware also brings native PDF support - a much requested feature, though I suspect not nearly as requested as adoption of the open source ePub format. Is it enough to make us want to cough up for an International edition Amazon Kindle? Nope, not until Amazon eBook prices come down, subscriptions to UK publications are displayed properly and the web browser actually works...

Ho + hum.


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