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Amazon Launches Kindle for Mac, Wants eBook Price Guarantees

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Amazon Launches Kindle for Mac, Wants eBook Price Guarantees

Ever heard that saying when someone pats you on the back they are looking where to stick the knife?

First the pat: today Amazon has finally made good on its October promise to launch Kindle for Mac. The 22MB download enables users of Mac OS X 10.5 and above to read Kindle titles and synchronise content such as books, notes, marks and more. Like the PC version it also automatically remembers the last page read and your latest annotations - handy stuff.

So what about the knife? At the same time The New York Times reports Amazon is looking to increase its stranglehold on the eBook market as the launch of the iPad approaches. The paper reports Amazon is threatening to stop selling titles from some publishers unless they agree to three year locked in contracts that guarantee no other competitor can get lower prices or better terms.

This is a particularly hot topic with Apple said to be pushing for a sub $10 RRP on eBooks with Amazon currently charging an average of between $12.99 and $14.99. Amazon has a track record of carrying out its threats too having just two months ago removed all the 'Buy' buttons from its site for 1,000s of titles from publishing giant Macmillan. It means business.

Of course Apple itself has no fear of calling in its legal beagles, while the likes of Sony, Microsoft and more all have a vested interest in having a competitive eBook marketplace. Where do we go from here? To court probably...


Kindle for Mac

via The NYT

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