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Amazon Kindle Refreshed and Handed Official UK Release


Amazon Kindle Refreshed and Handed Official UK Release

The front page of Amazon.co.uk currently sports a letter from founder Jeff Bezos advertising two new Kindle e-Readers, both of which are finally now available directly from the UK store.

Previously, the Kindle could only be ordered from the US store, and users would have buy content for the Kindle from it in dollars. The two new Kindles however are available directly from Amazon.co.uk.

A dedicated UK Kindle store will be appearing on 27 August Amazon said and will offer more than 400,000 books, as well as UK newspapers, magazines and blogs.

Both new Kindles are available to pre-order now and will ship on 27 August. The new Kindles cost £149 for a 3G and Wi-Fi version, or its £109 for a Wi-Fi only variant. Visually both new Kindles look the same and both are only 247g, a 15 per cent weight reduction from the 290g of the Kindle 2. This is down to it having a 21 per cent smaller body. Despite this it keeps the same 6in display as the Kindle 2.

Amazon said that the new screen offers a 50 per cent superior contrast to any other e-reader and thanks to what it described as “Amazon's proprietary waveform and font technology”, it now has faster page turns and clearer fonts. A browser has been added, based on the WebKit rendering engine and it also has double the storage. The battery is said to last for one month.

The 3G Whispernet service on the 3G enabled model will be available worldwide in over 100 countries and is free at all times, enabling you to download and start reading a book in 60 seconds.

Bezos said Amazon’s vision is, “to have every book ever written, in any language, all available in under 60 seconds.”

Amazon has never stated how many Kindle’s it has sold, only boasting that the Kindle has been, “the most-gifted, most-wished-for product on Amazon.com for two years running.”

The new Kindles though are a clear response to Apple’s iPad, which many said would kill off the Kindle. Apple has said that it has sold over three million units of the iPad, which starts at £429 in the UK. Amazon has a Kindle reader application available for the iPad and iPhone.

Link: Amazon UK

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