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Amazon Kindle DX Gets Price Drop, Upgraded Screen

Andy Vandervell


Amazon Kindle DX Gets Price Drop, Upgraded Screen

News from the land of Amazon reveals that the Kindle DX, the larger, brawnier cousin to the original Kindle, is getting an upgraded screen and a price reduction to boot - huzzah!

First the price, which originally stood at a hefty $489, is now a still hefty but slightly more palatable $379. This follows a similar price cut for the original Kindle, moves no doubt intended to compete more favourably with the iPad.

More pertinently, the 9.7-inch screen, which does such a decent job of displaying books and newspapers already, is now claimed to boast 50 per cent better contrast. It's still black and white, of course, and sticks with the same 1,200 x 824 resolution as before, but the improved contrast ratio (quoted as 10:1) should make the reading experience sharper and less straining than ever.

Other features remain the same, with 4GB of internal memory supplied and battery life that's measured in weeks rather than hours. As we discussed in the podcast last week, we reckon ebook readers need to be a lot cheaper before they go mainstream, but in the meantime this will do nicely.



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