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Amazon Gives Free Streaming Versions of DVD & Blu-ray Purchases

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Could this be the way to save optical media? Oh no, it's doomed - but it is a clever temporary solution...

'Disc+ On Demand' is an evolution of the 'Disc on Demand' streaming music service Amazon introduced midway through last year and - guess what? - this time it brings streaming video into the equation.

The theory is a fairly sound one: "When you purchase select DVD and Blu-ray titles from Amazon.com you will also receive an Amazon Video On Demand standard definition version as a gift with purchase," says the company's FAQ. "You’ll be able to instantly enjoy the video on demand version on your Mac, PC, compatible device or compatible TV when it is available."

Sounds a fine plan to me: instant gratification combined with long term ownership of a potentially higher quality physical original. The snags are Disc+ On Demand will only be available on limited numbers of TV shows and movies initially while Amazon has yet to negotiate licensing deals to offer the service outside of the US.

So until we finally cast off our penchant for owning physical media this looks like a best-of-both-worlds deal. Smart thinking Amazon, now please try and get it over to these shores...

Disc+ On Demand FAQ Page

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