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Amazon Appstore Goes Live - Apple Sues

David Gilbert


Amazon Appstore Goes Live - Apple Sues

Amazon finally launched its Appstore for Android this morning which has been in the works for some time but despite giving all those logging on a free copy of the exclusive Angry Birds Rio, the celebrations will have been soured somewhat as Apple has filed a suit against them for improper use of the term ‘app store’.

Of course we shouldn't really be surprised by the litigious nature of the folks over at Cupertino since they have already filed to have the term App Store trade marked – an application which has been challenged by Microsoft. Amazon obviously tried to avoid such a legal battle by shortening the term app store to one word, but this has not appeased Apple it seems. Apple says it tried to contact Amazon on three occasions to get them to change the name prior going down the legal route. Apple will once again have to prove that the App Store moniker is more than simply a generic term to describe a repository of applications if it wants to make Amazon to change the name.

Moving on to the Appstore for Android itself, Amazon has secured a major coup for the launch by getting exclusive access (for now) to the new version of Angry Birds called Rio. Not content with getting that exclusive, Amazon has decided to give away the app for free to all those who log onto the store today. Fear not though if you can’t get on today, Amazon plans on giving away a normally paid-for app for free every day. This is sure to help attract a large amount of users but whether they go beyond downloading the free app every day is another matter.

The Appstore has launched with 3,800 and is accessible through a dedicated Android app and online, however the online store crashed this morning soon after it went live. Hopefully this is just a technical issue and not anything more sinister. When working the online store should give customers a 30 minute trial of the app they are looking to purchase.

The Appstore for Android is currently available only in the US for moment but we would hope that Amazon will roll it out internationally in the near future should it prove a success across the Atlantic.

Source: All Things D

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