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Altec Lansing Octiv 450 Enters iPad Dock Market

David Gilbert


Altec Lansing Octiv 450 Enters iPad Dock Market

iPad docks are pretty thin on the ground at the moment, with Bang and Olfusen’s recently launched BeoSound 8 Speaker Dock claiming to be the first ever iPad-specific docking system. Now though it seems as if we will see a glut of them coming our way for the the festive season.

Altec Lansing today introduced the new Octiv 450 docking speaker system for the iPad which will also work with the iPhone and iPod. Via its Audio Alignment technology the Optic 450 is designed to “provide distinctive centre channel voicing and enhanced stereo delivery for distortion-free sound even at high volume." Thanks to a rotating arm on the Optic 450 your iPad will be housed in either portrait or landscape orientation.

While the B&O BeoSound 8 will set you back a pocket-worrying £895, the Optic 450 will be available from Wednesday of this week for a much more manageable £130. Of course the quality and aesthetics of the Optic 450 will not match that of the Danish company’s offering we imagine - though it does look pretty compact.

The Altec Lansing device, as well as either landscape and portrait orientation choice, will allow the iPad to be tilted forward or backwards to optimize viewing angles. The Optic 450 comes with a wireless remote control, 3.5mm input for connecting other devices and automatic charging of an iPad/iPhone/iPod when it's docked.

The Optic 450 will be available from Wednesdays in Apple stores, John Lewis, Dixons and PC World.

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