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Alleged iPad UK Pricing Leaks

Gordon Kelly


Alleged iPad UK Pricing Leaks

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We'll take this with a pinch of salt, but allegedly these are the UK RRPs for the impending Apple iPad...

Obtained by Geeky Gadgets, it claims the entry level 16GB iPad will cost £389 with the 32GB edition running at £439 and the 64GB version costing £489. Unsurprisingly, this compares unfavourably with US prices of $499 (£328), $599 (£394) and $699 (£459) respectively though admittedly Apple has had far worse cross-Atlantic exchange rates in the past.

What is significant, however, is all three of these models are part of a first wave of iPads which will ship in late March without 3G. This is notable because integrated 3G is still a hugely expensive part of any mobile device and in laptop terms tends to add at least £100 (circa $150) onto the cost. This could potentially see 3G enabled iPads (really the only version worth having in my opinion) priced around £489, £539 and £589 which is a long way outside of netbook territory.

Furthermore, iPads don't have USB ports either so it isn't as if you can use your existing 3G dongle meaning you either have to opt for 3G at the point of your iPad purchase or pass it up altogether.

With many already sceptical that the iPad is little more than a 'big iPod touch' these prices - if correct - are unlikely to win it any new admirers...


via Geeky Gadgets

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