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All Dell Laptops LED-Backlit Come 2010


All Dell Laptops LED-Backlit Come 2010

It's not often a company trying improve its green credentials also leads to an improvement in its system offerings from a technology perspective. Dell's plans to have its laptops 100 per cent mercury-free in 12 months, though, is set to lead to such an occurrence because it's the CCFLs used as the laptops' backlighting that contain that mercury so they're being replaced with LEDs instead.

Dell reckons that by December this year two thirds of its Latitude range (the Latitude E4200, E4300, E6400, E6400 ATG and E6500 to be precise) will have LED-backlighting as standard, as well as the Precision M2400 and M4400. By the end of next year 80 per cent of Dell's entire range should be LED-backlit, with that final 20 per cent being converted by 2010.

As well as improving Dell's green credentials this use of LED-backlighting will also lead to power savings for consumers. According to Dell an average 15in notebook's screen will consume some 43 per cent less power at its maximum brightness with an LED-backlight unit rather than CCFL one.

Most of us will likely be more interested in the better performance of LED-backlit displays (i.e. they look nicer) than their environmental friendliness. Still, it's good news all around really. Hopefully other manufacturers will follow suit. Cole cathode's are so last year!


September 25, 2008, 4:30 pm

Well done Dell I say, I hope other manufacturers follow suit.

Brian ONeill

September 25, 2008, 9:59 pm

my xps have the led screen and they are very cool. Mind you it is a natural technology progression more than a green thing. Or maybe phasing out floppy drives was also for enviromental reasons? ;-)


September 25, 2008, 11:41 pm

There are rumors that all of Apples laptops will be LED by the end of this year.

Two years ahead of dell.

They it comes standard on the 17" macbook pro and 13" macbook air and as an option on the 15" mbp.

Both the mbp and macbook should be updated with as standard in October at the Apple event.


September 26, 2008, 3:26 am

but will you be able to get any type of &#163400 macbook in 2010, let alone an LED one. all well and good having LED as standard on a &#163700+ machine.

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