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Aiptek First in the UK With 3D Camcorder and Parallax Barrier Display


Aiptek First in the UK With 3D Camcorder

The very first 3D camcorder to be available in the UK, the Aiptek HD 3D, will go on sale tomorrow for £199.99.

While Panasonic announced that its HDC-SDT750 would be the first consumer camcorder, German company Aiptek has beaten it to the punch in the UK, with the small, portable HD 3D.

Clearly, the two are not in the same class – in fact, they’re not even on the same school premises, but for fun, instant 3D gimmickry, the Aiptek could fit the bill.

As you would expect for a 3D camera it uses two separate lenses and image sensors and you can watch the footage back on the rear display without the need for glasses – which we imagine makes it the first appearance of a parallax barrier display, beating the Nintendo 3DS and the Sharp 3D phone to the punch.

You can also hook up via HDMI to a 3DTV, but if you don’t have one, the bundled software will also convert images to be watched back in 3D on a PC with a regular screen, but you’ll need to use the supplied anaglyph glasses to view. You can also upload straight to YouTube 3D.

The 5-megapixel camera can also capture in regular 2D, at 720p. The battery will give you 1.5 hours recording, and there’s a memory slot that will accept 32GB SD cards.

The Aiptek HD 3D camera goes on sale tomorrow at Firebox.



August 6, 2010, 3:46 pm

I watched my first 3D movie last night, Toy Story 3 (great film) and at the end I found myself thinking 3D.. Bit pointless really.

Why? Well most of the time I couldn't really notice too much of a 3D effect, it felt more like I need to visit the opticians to check if I needed new glasses and the times the 3D was obvious it was when they had 'camera' shots just to highlight the 3D as much as possible and how&#8217s that going to work say in a episode of Eastenders or something similar? The best 3D section was for an advert for SKY 3D, including rugby and dancers etc. espicially when the logo came out of the screen. I bet it won't be quite as wonderful when the camera is in it's normal position high above the match looking down.

It leads me to the conclusion that unless the footage is designed explicitly to be 'in your face' it doesn't really work so if they concentrate on creating a good film/plot 3D just has no really effect. Like I said, a bit pointless really.

I think 3D will have a positive effect on gaming where the perspective of the gamer is naturally going to maximise the effect such as in FPS games or driving etc. The 3DS for me is the only current example of 3D that I&#8217m looking forward to and even that, importantly, has a slider to change or remove the 3D effect as it&#8217s not going to be suitable for everything.

3D tv&#8217s, camcorders etc are marketing fluff!!!

simple simon

November 25, 2010, 6:50 pm

Any chance that you will be reviewing this?

Even bearing in mind the price is it actually 'any good'?

What type of file format does it use? (my thoughts extend to compatibility with normal video editing softwares and viewing using something like VLC)

I understand that you can film in 3D and convert the footage to 2D for viewing on a normal TV. So prior to conversion can the 3D footage be downloaded to a computer for editing (and uplifting to youtube) and then be converted to 2D for normal viewing?

Also, how good is it as a still camera? Is it time to retire my Nimslo 3D 35mm film camera?



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