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Aiptek Gives Pico Projector A Much Needed Rival

Gordon Kelly


Aiptek Creates Funky Mini Projector / PMP Hybrid

Aiptek - so often the good work under many a Toshiba camcorder rebrand - has decided to step into the mini projector market and show us how its done...

So following on the likes of the Pico Projector and Microvision SHOW plus numerous other concept models such as the 1.3cm 3M and Foxconn prototype is the 'Pocket Cinema V10' which breaks away from the pack with an integrated media player.

Raw facts are it measures just 125 x 55 x 23mm yet projects a 42in screen from just 21cm at VGA resolution (interestingly using 3M technology) and comes with tripod and remote control bundled. Connections are via AV-out too (cable supplied) so it will play nice with everything from iPods to DV, DSC, games consoles or mobile phones while an SD/MMC memory card slot allows it to display pictures (Jpg) or playback audio (MP3) and video (Mpeg4) independently. This is a nice touch, especially for showing off newly taken camera snaps on the go.

As you might expect however the one snag in all this funkiness is price with the Pocket Cinema V10 costing a rather substantial £299.99. On the plus side however it does launch immediately and if you ever wanted to win a battle of my-PMP-is-cooler-than-your-PMP I'd say this does the trick emphatically...



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