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Aino Becomes 2nd Sony Ericsson Phone to Fail In a Week

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Aino Becomes 2nd Sony Ericsson Phone to Fail In a Week

Oh dear...

It's not proving to be a good week for Sony Ericsson. Just 48 hours after it was forced to suspend Satio sales the troubled manufacturer has also admitted touchscreen issues with its sister handset, the Aino.

"At the moment, we don't see any damage or harm done", said a Sony Ericsson official spokesperson. "It is a contained issue affecting only a small number of consumers... Obviously we are working as quickly as possible to solve it."

The exact nature of the problem wasn't expanded upon (it's a resistive touchscreen so they're all pretty unusable! *starts comment war*). Still, I'm not sure this is the best public statement I've ever seen, effectively: no need to panic, no one has bought it anyway. As with the Satio there was also no indication of what caused the fault, but given these handsets were first announced way back in May you'd think there was enough time for thorough beta testing.

Again, the timing is also a disaster. As we mentioned previously Sony Ericsson "has suffered dismal financial quarter after dismal financial quarter. In fact it's latest results saw quarterly sales drop 45.1 per year sale on year, revenue almost half to $2.4bn and a need to bring in $678.8m in outside funding."

The Satio and Aino were part of a triple handset launch by Sony Ericsson, the third being the Yari. Bets on it going down before the month is out...?


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