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Ads Coming To Skype This Week

David Gilbert


Ads Coming To Skype This Week

Skype has announced that from this week on, it will be selling adverts to appear in the Home tab of the popular VOIP service.

Announcing the development this afternoon on its Big Blog, Skype said that “the Skype experience is paramount and we are committed to learning as we go, continuing to evolve the offer for advertisers and to developing great products that enable you to connect whenever you’re apart.” For the past two month some users may have noticed ads from online music service Rdio, which were used as test ads for the system. Skype said they had spent a long time working out which type of advertising would work best with the service.

Initially ads will only be seen in the United States, Germany and the UK with advertising sales initially focused on these areas. Among the ads you will see on Skype from this week on will be from Groupon, Visa and Universal Pictures. The ads will be seen on the Home tab in Skype for Windows, though Skype says it may experiment with ads in other areas as well. They won’t however be allowing any pop-up ads or flashing banners while you are on a call. There is no word on whether the ads will be seen on Skype for Mac or on its smartphone apps - though we'll probably see them sooner rather than later.

Skype says it will use non-personally identifiable demographic data (eg location, gender and age) to target ads, which "helps ensure you see relevant ads." If however you are worried about your privacy, you can opt out of allowing Skype to share this non-personally identifiable demographic data with advertisers from the Privacy tab in Tools > Options.

Source: The Big Blog

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