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Adobe Trialing Flash-to-HTML5 Converter

David Gilbert


Adobe Trialing Flash-to-HTML5 Converter

Hearing that there is now a tool available that lets you convert Flash content to HTML5 sounds like a dream come true for iPhone and iPad users. Hearing however that the tool is primarily to be used to convert banner ads is not such good news.

Adobe has announced it has made the Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool, called Wallaby, available for free to allow web developers currently working in Flash an easy way to convert content with the click of a button. Adobe has said the current version of Wallaby is workable but “rough.” To use Wallaby, all you need to do is select your FLA-formatted file and hit convert and before your eyes you will see the Flash content transformed to HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Adobe says that currently most of your Flash file will get converted, including most drawing elements, fills, shape tweens, motion tweens, symbol names and instance names.

As Wallaby is built on the Adobe Air platform it will be available to both Windows and Mac-based developers. The initial goal of the tool according to Adobe is to support banner ad development on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches since Apple has no plans to allow its iOS to support Flash. With HTML5 looking increasingly as if it could be the standard of the future, Adobe looks to be positioning itself so it will be competitive in the coming years.

In related news Adobe is promising that the latest version of its Flash player will be coming to desktops and mobiles “soon”, following the release of the Flash Player 10.3 beta. Beta testing is due to end in Q2 2011 and a mobile release is expected to follow soon after this. The new version will allow users access Flash Player controls via Controls Panels in Windows or System Preferences on Mac OS. Mac users will also get auto-update notifications. The new version also enables high quality audio features such as acoustic echo cancellation, noise suppression and voice activity detection.

Source: The Download Blog and Adobe Labs

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