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Adobe Details Flash For Smartphones

Gordon Kelly


Adobe Details Flash For Smartphones

If you pick a fight with Apple you generally suffer a humiliating and financially painful loss - unless you're Adobe...

The software giant today detailed (and rubbed in) what it gleefully announced in July: Flash on smartphones is soon to become a reality - unless you own an iPhone. This functionality will come with the arrival of 'Flash Player 10.1' and will support Google Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Palm webOS. RIM is also in talks with Adobe, but not Apple for the iPhone OS.

Atom-ically challenged netbooks will also get a boost since Flash Player 10.1 will bring GPU acceleration to nVidia GeForce, ION and Tegra platforms as well as Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets. Like Apple, ATI looks to be out in the cold here and it seems a daft decision given - love or hate Flash - 75 per cent of web videos and 70 per cent of web games are still delivered via the Flash Player.

Furthermore, Adobe claims Flash Player 10.1 will increase software rendering performance on mobile by more than 87 per cent and reduce memory consumption by over 55 per cent. This would go a significant way to ease previous Apple fears that Flash support will simply see handsets grind to a sticky halt.

As yet Adobe hasn't put a hard release date on Flash Player 10.1, but "expected in early 2010" is the latest phraseology. If you want to know more, a live Adobe keynote webstream will be delivered online at 9.20am PST (4.20pm GMT).

Now personally, I can understand the dislike of Flash compared to open standards and why some may wish to boycott it altogether. Then again, good or bad, surely it is better to give your customers the choice...

Update: Adobe has opened the door to Flash on the iPhone, but only as part of third party apps right now not full Safari integration. Well I guess it's a start (and yes, that's five paragraphs!).


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