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Adobe Confirms CS5 Launch Date

Gordon Kelly


Adobe Confirms CS5 Launch Date

A fan of InDesign? Photoshop? Illustrator? Dreamweaver? Fireworks? Premiere? Encore? *deep breath* Contribute? Soundbooth? Bridge? OnLocation? Acrobat Pro? Then listen up...

After months of speculation, Adobe has stepped forward and nailed down the formal release date for the long awaited Creative Suite 5 (CS5). 12 April is the date you'll be able to purchase/upgrade to the new edition and get tinkering.

Unfortunately Adobe has us tied up tighter than your average bondage fetishist so we can't give you details about the suite configurations, pricing, product specifics or even new features until launch day. This is something of a shame since I generally find it helpful when a company gives potential customers an idea about what it is they are being asked to purchase.

That said, I've had a play with CS5 and - in general/non-embargo breaking terms - I can say it is a significant upgrade and has a focus on making commands more intuitive and cutting down the number of steps to perform numerous actions.

Major aficionados can sign up to the CS5 'Adobe TV' launch on 12 April to follow the unveiling live (link below). Until then *struggles with ropes* nope, they're not shifting...

Update: While Adobe has us tight lipped it seems the company is happy to divulge CS5 secrets itself, so here is possibly my favourite feature of the new suite posted in an official video on YouTube...


Adobe Creative Suite 5

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