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Adobe Brings Flash to Smartphones

Gordon Kelly


Adobe Brings Flash to Smartphones

Adobe Flash for mobile phones has been a hot topic before, but now it seems the company is really ramping up its efforts...

Briefly paused upon during its Q2 fiscal year 2009 earnings report was Adobe's Flash Player 10 which it specifically states will be "for smartphone-class devices". It also states it will "be made available in beta at MAX conference in October".

A new Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst and open source Flex framework are all part of the package but vitally it states the new player will target "OSP {Open Sreen Project} and its 25 partners". Yes you're already ahead of me here: Apple isn't one of those so the iPhone looks set for a back seat - at least for now. Instead the likes of Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile and WebOS look set to benefit first and its all a very long way from the March 2008 promise of Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen to create an iPhone Flash player using Apple's SDK.

Either way there are more handsets on the market than the iPhone and Apple has the power to sort it out if it really makes the effort. For everyone else, it looks like animation heavy, CPU clogging, battery draining websites will soon be on their way...


Adobe Q2 Earnings Report (Slide 13)

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