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Acrobat.com takes on Office & Google Docs

Gordon Kelly


Acrobat.com takes on Office & Google Docs

The skies are starting to get mighty crowded...

Adding to the latest flurry of Cloud based productivity software is Adobe which has launched 'Acrobat.com' - a competitor to Microsoft Office Live and Google Docs. Acrobat.com has been in beta testing for some time and the Flash based site makes an impressive first impression.

Five key areas make up the launch at this stage:

  • 'Buzzword' - Adobe's equivalent of Microsoft Word (acquired through purchase of the company of the same name in 2007). It's slick, features a live word count a la Word 2007 and is easily the best online word processing programme I've seen to date

  • Next we have a virtual meetings tool called 'ConnectNow' which enables users to share desktops and even PowerPoint Presentations

  • 'Presentations' allows up to 20 people to collaboratively build presentations online

  • 'Spreadsheets' - Adobe's version of Excel which also encourages collaborate spreadsheet development

  • 'Create PDF/Share' surely doesn't need an explanation
As you might expect for anything built by Adobe, Acrobat.com is entirely Flash based which does rather rule out access via smartphones - other than the HTC Hero and Skyfire browser users, at least until Adobe Flash Player 10 in October.

Acrobat.com is available now and free to use (after registration). Microsoft Office make not be quaking in its boots just yet, but it may be getting mildly concerned at the tiny dot in its rear view mirror...



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