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Acer Unveils New TimelineX Series & 1810TZ Successor

Gordon Kelly


Acer Unveils New TimelineX Series & 1810TZ Successor

If you had to ask us what is the best budget laptop to buy would we say a netbook? "Hell no!" and we'd point you in the direction of Acer's stunning Aspire Timeline 1810TZ - though perhaps not anymore...

This is because Acer has upped the ante again this week with a rejuvenated 'TimelineX' series with 11.6in (1830T), 13.3in ('3820T'), 14in ('4820T') and 15.6in ('5820T') models. As you might expect, the line gets its choice of Core i3, i5 and i7 processors and every model is less than one inch thick and claims battery life of up to eight hours. RAM can be specified up to 8GB, HDDs to 640GB and discrete graphics in the form of the ATI HD 4570 and HD 5650 are offered while integrated 3G and Bluetooth 2.1 are optional.

Given the impact of the 1810TZ, however, what still grabs my attention the most is the 1830T. It may lose brownie points for being the only model here not to jump on the Core i3/5/7 bandwagon, but its choice of a Core 2 Solo processor will still easily outpace any form of Atom you care to throw at it. Furthermore, this will lead to a battery life of up to 12 hours and you can specify the aforementioned 3G and Bluetooth 2.1 while HDMI, two memory card slots, WiFi and gigabit Ethernet plus 3x USB 2.0 ports on are on the menu.

We don't yet have pricing or availability for the new TimelineX range, but knowing Acer these should be categorised as 'aggressive' and 'soon'. If it can also debut the 1830T at around the £400 mark (which looks on the cards) it could well win our hearts (and the contents of our wallets) yet again...


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