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Acer Unveils Flagship First Tablet & Android Flagship Smartphone

Gordon Kelly


Acer Unveils Flagship First Tablet & Android Flagship Smartphone

There's nothing like a good U-turn to reaffirm the reason why we never take companies at face value...

Today Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci unveiled its first prototype tablet: a 7in Android unit which it would look to push in partnership with networks. Why is this strange? Because it comes just a few months after Acer's Taiwanese president Scott Lin delivered this damning verdict on the tablet form factor:

"Historically, closed platforms are typically limited in terms of scale and are confined to niche markets. Apple has built its business out of carving its own niche, which means that while Apple could see success with devices like the iPad, other players are unlikely to be able to replicate its result simply by copying."

Yes there's a loophole in there with the phrase "simply by copying", but as one of the largest exponents of netbooks we can be sure Lin wasn't saying how much the company loved tablets and would be looking to unveil one in May!

So if Acer can be turned, can any companies' willpower stand up to the industry's latest form factor fad?

In related news Acer has also officially announced a new flagship Android handset to follow the rash of models it has released over the last 6 months.

The 'Stream' will feature a 3.7in WVGA AMOLED display capacitive display, 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, 5MP camera, WiFi (802.11n), GPS, HSDPA and 2GB of internal memory bundled with an 8GB microSD card. Interestingly, the Stream will also pack an HDMI slot, though Acer didn't point out whether this will be mini or full size HDMI as well as 720p video recording and Dolby Mobile sound.

So it's a technical tour de force, but then again so were the likes of the high-end {neoTouch P400 and Liquid A1 which missed the mark. With no release date or pricing revealed perhaps Acer has the breathing space to make this third time lucky?


Tablet via Shuddlegazine

Stream via Unwired View

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