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Acer Planning Laptop With Frameless Screen & Touchscreen Keyboard

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Looks like that MSI dual screen netbook (middle) may be just the first of many...

Following on from concepts such as this and the 'Frame Zero' (left) from Fujitsu and dual panel prototype from Asus (right) is news Acer is about to take things a step further by bringing its own model to market in the second half of 2010.

Main attractions of the model will be its ultra-thin design thanks to a frameless screen (much like the Frame Zero) which uses a reinforced glass substrate and combining it with a touchscreen keyboard that means no depth is required to fit raised keys or accommodate their travel when pressed. Quite how Acer would pull off this keyboard to make for a comfortable typing experience over prolonged periods is unknown at this stage, but haptics may well play a key role.

Interestingly, while such ideas sound closer to science fiction than science fact at this point - DigiTimes does say they hold water with the design actually reducing typical material costs. Still not convinced? Neither am I, but then again there are few PC makers more obsessed with slim than Acer...

...well, apart from MSI... and Dell... and Sony... and Apple.

via DigiTimes

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