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Acer Iconia Smart Lands At MWC

David Gilbert


Acer Iconia Smart Lands At MWC

At what point does a smartphone become a tablet? The new Acer Iconia Smart, announced at Mobile World Congress today in Barcelona, pushes the boundaries with a MASSIVE 4.8in HXGA screen.

When we looked at the 4.3in HTC Desire HD, we thought that was a big device, so Acer’s new model brings the large smartphone format to a whole new level. Acer says that the Iconia Smart combines the capabilities of a tablet in a smartphone format, but you could just as easily point out that the Acer Iconia Smart combines the capabilities of a smartphone in a tablet format. It is a reminder of the original Dell Streak which had a similar identity crisis.

The Iconia Smart measures 141.7 x 64.5 x 13.6mm and weighs in at a hefty 185g (21g more than the weighty Desire HD). In order to power all that screen real estate the Iconia Smart has a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor running at 1GHz, has 512MB of memory, 8GB of on-board storage (with a microSD slot for expansion) and an 8 megapixel camera with auto focus and an LED flash.

The Acer Iconia also comes with a 2 megapixel front facing camera for video calling, DNLA support, has an HDMI out port which supports LCD/HDMI dual display and comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, gyroscope and accelerometer. The Iconia Smart will run Android 2.3 or Gingerbread with Acer’s own UI 4.2 skin on top. Acer are pushing the handset's movie watching capabilities with the 21:9 ratio screen allowing you to watch movies in their original format – though its claim that you get “an engrossing cinema-like experience” is questionable since it’s a smartphone after all.

Acer has said the Iconia Smart will be available in the UK from 1 May but pricing has yet to be confirmed but we will bring you any more news from Barcelona as we get it, and if we can summon the strength to lift this mammoth beast, we will bring you our hands-on look at the Iconia Smart.

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