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Acer H5350 ColourBoost Projector Uncovered


Acer H5350 ColourBoost Projector Uncovered

The run up to CES was full of pre-show product leaks and launches so it seems only fair that CeBIT should get its fair share. First off the blocks, so far as we can tell, is Acer with its H5350 ColourBoost HD-ready projector and unfortunately yes, the image below is the best available thus far.

Looking at the vital statistics we see an HD-ready 1,280 x 720 resolution, a fairly uninspiring 2,000:1 contrast ratio and a less-woeful 2,000 Lumens brightness. The H5350 also boasts a new, improved, image processing engine and a 6-segment colour wheel that should offer improved image quality over other, lower end, models. Acer is apparently calling this projector a high-end model, but that is likely only in contrast to its own cheaper models - an InFocus IN83 rival this is not.

Connectivity wise we see a reasonable range of ports, with HDMI, Component, S-Video and VGA all present. More connectors would be nice, but at least the H5350 has all the necessary bases covered. Other details given include a normal operating volume of 32dB that's reduced to 28dB in the projector's eco mode.

No other info than this has been released about the H5350, so we can't be sure what countries it will be available in. Date of release is a bit of a mystery too, along with pricing, but presumably that will be unveiled in due course. Assuming the price is right Acer shouldn't have too hard a time flogging a few units.


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