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Acer Could Launch Own eBook Reader


Acer Could Launch Own eBook Reader

Acer might not be the likeliest candidate to be creating an eBook, but according to founder and board member, Stan Shih, the company may well be launching one in the near future. According to a report by Bloomberg, Shih thinks Acer will have an eBook eventually - although there aren't any specific details to be had.

Speaking about the PC market, Shih called it "a mature industry," with little room for any expansion - except by stealing market share form competitors. If Acer is going to expand significantly, therefore, it needs to look elsewhere.

Shih thinks the eBook market is one that could still easily be entered. In his view: "We should participate before the industry settles down." Although the number of eBook Readers is increasing (not to mention their prices decreasing), the market is hardly saturated as yet so there's time for other players to make a play, yet. And as shih says: "If settled down, there's no room for us. So, we have to find the right timing, not too early, not too late."

Obviously these comments are Shih's opinion and can't be taken as indicative of Acer's intentions. Nonetheless, given Acer's success in grabbing a significant share of the netbook market it's definitely worth keeping at least one eye open.



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