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Acer Aspire One Pricing Revealed


Acer Aspire One Pricing Revealed

Having supplied just about every snippet of information possible about the Eee PC, it seems only fair that having stumbled upon some new details of the Acer Aspire One we similarly supply you with those. While usually we'd take pricing leaks with quite a large dollop of salt, having them verified by online retailer CCL Online lends a fair bit of credibility.

Three specific models appear to be available, with two of those coming in two separate flavours. All of the systems pack 8.9in, 1,024 x 600 screens, 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processors and all but the A110L, which offers 8GB of Flash storage, come with a 80GB hard drives.

The rest of the specs vary as follows, with CCL Online's (prospective) pricing also listed:

Aspire One A110L

*Linux operating system

*512MB RAM

*£220 inc. VAT

Aspire One 150L

*Linux operating system

*512MB RAM

*£229.99 inc. VAT

Aspire One 150L 1GB

*Linux operating system


* £249.99 inc. VAT

Aspire One 150X

*Windows XP Home

*512MB RAM


Aspire One 150X 1GB

*Windows XP Home


*£299.99 inc. VAT

No information about possible shipping dates, unless 'coming soon' counts, but the two Windows XP models apparently come with free shipping so that's okay. Hopefully we'll see these available soon.


CCL Online Aspire One listing.


June 23, 2008, 7:53 pm

I really want one of these babies

Luan Bach

June 23, 2008, 8:15 pm

So do I, lovely looking design. Glad I held off the temptation to get the eeepc 7.

The hard choice for me is either the 8GB flash or 80GB HD version.


June 23, 2008, 10:45 pm

I want a Netbook as some people are calling them to hsdpa feature

I believe this does but the eee doesnt.

will the flash use the same sata interface?

Tony Walker

June 24, 2008, 3:30 am

Why are we being charged &#16350 for XP though?

Aren't Microsoft were making it available to the Netbook manufacturers for peanuts.


June 24, 2008, 7:26 pm

I believe that was a stripped down lite version of xp for netbooks which hasnt surfaced yet

The current Eee, wind, acer one are using real XP which costs the norm.


June 24, 2008, 10:28 pm

so where is the &#163199 model first touted?


June 26, 2008, 6:04 pm

&#163249.99 is so fine. design is just superb. what to worry about is heat, noise and battery time--will it make eee's 4.5 hours on full with its 80 Gb hdd?

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