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Acer Android Tablet Seen On Video

David Gilbert


Acer Android Tablet Seen On Video

When we visited the Acer press conference last month, the Taiwanese company had no problem with us getting hands-on with it’s Iconia, a dual touchscreen laptop, however it was keeping very secretive about the three tablets it announced.

While Acer may want to keep things under wraps, it seems one lady who has the 10in Android tablet in her possession feels we should all get a good look at the device. A trio of videos were posted to YouTube shwing her using the device, but have been since taken down but not before they had been spotted by Engadget and they can still be viewed here. Having looked at the videos it seems there was a valid reason for Acer being reticent to show off the tablet in action.

The videos show the lady in question testing out the gyroscope feature of the tablet to display a type of page turning system in the photo album and e-reader. However, despite the efforts of the woman, the feature didn’t work perfectly and it’s obvious the version of Android loaded on the tablet (Froyo) is a beta version with a number of glitches. Reports suggest that Acer will be shipping these tablets in April next year when they will be running Honeycomb.Other than the photo album and e-reader we don’t get much information regarding the hardware itself or the Android UI. We get a short glimpse of the homepage and app page in one video but that’s about it.

What we do love though is in the third video the lady using the tablet just won’t give up when the touchscreen doesn’t respond to her tap and so she decides a bash might work instead…and it does. I guess it shows the tablet is not too fragile at least.

Source: Engadget

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