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Acer Already Prepping Ion 2 Machines?

Gordon Kelly


Acer Already Prepping Ion 2 Machines?

It may have taken its sweet time in launching, but Ion has been the best thing to happen to notebooks by some considerable margin. Now it seems Nvidia is all go as Acer has reportedly already jumped on Ion 2.

At this stage it is unknown whether Acer is looking at just nettops or netbooks as well, but the news isn't surprising given it has already enjoyed strong success with its Revo line. As for Ion 2 itself, that is expected to offer roughly twice the horsepower of its predecessor.

Specifics have yet to be nailed down, but Ion 2 is thought to double Ion's 16 shaders to 32 meaning it moves beyond HD playback and into a reasonable budget gaming chip. Talk is also that Ion 2 will consume the same, if not less, power than Ion while the biggest change will see Nvidia add support for Via chipsets. Whether ARM is on the menu to fuel the increasingly buzz about smartbooks seems less certain.

Expect to see Ion 2 all over CES 2010 and we'll be there to cover it in person.


via DigiTimes

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