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ANOTHER Sony Flash Memory Format

Gordon Kelly


ANOTHER Sony Memory Format

I’m not going to start the usual rant about Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, memory Stick Duo, CompactFlash this, ConpactFlash that… I don’t have the willpower anymore, I give in. So here is yet another truly wonderful and wholly necessary Sony format…

“CompactVault” is its name and this latest CompactFlash card holds up to 5GB of data (other manufacturers’ already have products of 12GB and beyond, but I’m going to bite my tongue). Transfer rates hit 96.7Mbps and the fully reinstated King of Proprietary is trying to push it primarily for use in its high end digital SLR cameras (like the CyberShot R1, for example) and camcorders. Sony's own Cybercapture compression technology is installed on the CompactVault allowing trigger happy owners to store around four hours of Mpeg4 video and 1,600 photographs.

Thankfully CompactVault will be compatible with existing CompactFlash Type II slots (I can’t see how it had any other choice… then again?!) and an adaptor is available if you don’t have one of those. It’s out towards the back end of this Guy Fawkes burning month and for the life of me I really can’t see the point of further confusing an already bewildered public with yet another memory format, but that’s Sony for you…

Whoever said IT made sense… (I bet it was someone, and he/she was an idiot).


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