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AMD Drops Phenom And Athlon Prices

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AMD Drops Phenom And Athlon Prices

AMD may not be able to compete with Intel on performance at the high end, but in the mid-range - where those of us constrained by budgets are looking - the battle is all about price, and AMD has just slashed a whole bunch. From quad-core Phenom X4s all the way down to dual-core Athlon X2s, 10 AMD CPUs have seen some fairly significant cuts.

As ever, pricing is per 1,000-unit tray, in US$, so working out UK on-the-street pricing requires a bit of guess work, but the percentage changes should be pretty similar. The new pricing scheme lines up as follows:

Intel's cheapest quad-core CPU, the Q6600, currently sits at $193 per 1,000, now some $50 more than AMD's offering; although Intel's is a faster chip - to say nothing of its overclocking capabilities. In AMD's favour, however, its cheapest tri-core Phenom X3 now sits at a lower price than a couple of Intel's dual-core offerings. If multi-tasking performance is of more importance than out-and-out clock speed than AMD may well have the better option at a sub-£100 price point.

Besides which, being able to get more for your money is never something to complain about!

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