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AMD Boast Of Fusion Power

David Gilbert


We managed to catch up with Bob Grim from AMD at CES a couple of weeks ago and he told us how proud he is of the Fusion series of APUs which are the first to combine the x86 architecture and a DirectX11 graphics engine on one die.

While Grim may be very positive about the Fusion series of APUs, AMD will face some stiff competition in the sector from a number of areas. One will obviously be Intel, who raised the bar with its Sandy Bridge processors and has indicated its willingness to get into the low-power, netbook/tablet/mobile phone sector which AMD is aiming the e-series of APUs at. AMD will also be looking at ARM as among its main competitors in this area and with Nvidia announcing Project Denver at CES it seems as if the processor game will see some serious competition in the coming years.

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