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AMD Announces ATI Radeon HD 4830


AMD Announces ATI Radeon HD 4830

Anyone hoping for something better from AMD, having split into the Foundry Company and (a slimmed down) AMD, than a mid-range graphics card, as its first announcement will be disappointed. It's not so much that the AMD ATI Radeon HD 4830 is likely to be a bad product; just that we already have enough GPUs to choose from that having another doesn't really add anything.

On the specs front, the 4830 offers quite a lot at its sub-£100 MSRP.

  • 640 stream processors

  • 575MHz core clock

  • 1.8GHz

  • 256-bit memory interface

  • 32 texture units

By appearances, then, the Radeon HD 4830 is about three quarters of a Radeon HD 4850 at something like 83 per cent of the price. That's par for the course, though, and the £100 price point is a fairly important one - progressively more so given the current financial situation.

Add AMD's arguably better media centre PC support, including 7.1-channel audio over HDMI, even using a DVI to HDMI converter, and the Radeon 4830 does seem like a pretty compelling offering.


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