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AIGO Reveals New Players


AIGO Reveals New Players

Aigo, a Chinese brand, has introduced two new MP3 players to its range.

Powered by a single AAA battery the E808 has a curvy exterior with five rounded control buttons, and a colourful backlit screen that can display ID3 tag info. As well as MP3 the E8080 also supports WMA tunes. It has a built-in FM radio with 10-presets and can be used as a recorder with an A-B recording function. It comes in three capacities - 128MB, which costs £39.99, 256MB at £49.99 and 512MB, which will costs £89.99.

The F186 meanwhile is an oblong shaped device featuring an alternating seven-colour display. A neck strap enables it to be easily carried around, and recording can be made easily via the built-in microphone or the line in.

As well as a 20-preset FM radio, users can actually record the radio as well straight to MP3. The sound can be customised via a five-ban equalizer. The battery is built-in and is rechargeable either over USB or via an included adaptor.

Pricing ranges from £69.99 for the 128MB version, £89.99 for the 256MB version and £109.99 for the top-of-the-line 512MB version.



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