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TrustedReviews' Traffic Audited


ABCe Rubber Stamps TrustedReviews' Traffic

I don't know how many of you notice the title on our home page, but we here at TrustedReviews really do think of ourselves as the UK's premier source of news and reviews in the technology arena. Of course we also appreciate that our own assertions may not be enough to convince the sceptical among you, which is why we also like to back up those claims with hard cold facts.

On that basis, November saw the site's traffic figures submitted to rigorous review by ABCe in order to evaluate just how many of you folks are reading the site. The answer? A lot as it turns out; the audited figures, which discount search engine robots and other such ‘non-human' traffic, put TrustedReviews at 1,791,962 unique readers per month reading a total of 9,447,353 pages between them or rather, I should say, you. This means that, on average, over 76,000 of you are reading more than 300,000 pages on the site everyday.

Obviously we in the office are understandably pleased, as is our new publisher, IPC Media. Niall Clarkson, newly appointed General Manager of TR commented: "This is a terrific achievement and I'd like to thank the whole TrustedReviews team for the work that went into ensuring the audit was such a success. And the good news is that traffic figures for December show page impressions are continuing to grow".

A sentiment echoed by site founder and Editor-in-Chief, Riyad Emeran: "The whole team has worked hard to make TrustedReviews a success and audited ABCe figures prove that our hard work has achieved the results we were looking for."

Of course we're not the kind of people to rest on our laurels and you can look forward to much more of high quality content in the coming months. In the meantime though, all our readers deserve a pat on the back because, as clichéd as it sounds, we really couldn't have done it without you.


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