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A Glimpse Of Android's Music Streaming Service

David Gilbert


A Glimpse Of Android's Music Streaming Service

Amazon got the jump on Google and Apple last week when it launched its cloud-based music player – and today we have been given a glimpse of what Google’s answer may look like.

Over at Tech from 10, while doing a routine update of apps in the Android Market, they found that for some reason they had been given test version of the Market, which normally comes loaded on Android developer’s devices. Not questioning the reasons why, they went and had a look around to see if there was anything interesting. What they found was a version of Android Music 3.0, which they downloaded and found it was a lot better than the current player found in 2.3. The big difference however comes in the settings menu where a range of options relating to streaming can be found.

It was back in February that we heard of Google bringing an iTunes rival to the Honeycomb platform. Only last week we saw Amazon launch its service and with this leak, it seems as if it is only a matter of time before Google officially launches its own cloud-based streaming service on tablets and mobiles. Google employees are said to be currently testing the service and while Tech from 10 were unable to get the streaming working, to see it in the Market at all is the most concrete evidence we’ve seen so far of Google’s intent.

You can download the app for yourself to test it out by clicking on the source link.

Source: Tech from 10

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