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500,000 Android apps will work with Windows 8, thanks to Bluestacks AppZone

Andrew Williams



Thanks to an AMD deal made with software developer Bluestacks, 500,000 Android apps will work with Windows 8 tablets and laptops.

AMD is working with Bluestacks on a Windows 8 application called AppZone player that will enable around half a million Android apps to work on devices running the new Microsoft OS, writes the BBC. The app works like a wrapper around the Android APK program, letting it work on Windows 8 PCs, laptops and tablets.

The plan is to have the AppZone player pre-installed on Windows 8 devices powered by AMD chips, letting you play such Android classics as Fruit Ninja from launch. This could prove a major boon for early Windows 8 adopters, as there will be far fewer than 500,000 Windows 8-developed apps available for the system at launch.

There are two main aims of the Bluestacks AppZone player - to make the Android apps and games look good, despite having largely been designed for screen resolutions other than those of full laptops/desktops, and to make them run crash-free. The latter is the biggest challenge, as Android apps are produced with the ARM system architecture in mind, while AMD's Windows 8 devices will use x86 chips.

BlueStacks's app wrapper is currently available for Windows 7 and Mac, and the company also produces software that lets you run Windows on Android devices.

Windows 8 tablets will start appearing fairly shortly after the release of the OS, which happens on 26 October. Windows 8 tablets to look out for include the Asus Vivo Tab and the Windows RT-based Samsung ATIV Tab.

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