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T-Mobile Slashes PAYG Broadband Prices By Over 50%

Gordon Kelly


50%+ Cut For T-Mobile PAYG Broadband Prices

With mobile broadband contracts becoming cheaper by the minute it is easy to forget this isn't much good to the contract-phobic. Thankfully, T-Mobile hasn't forgotten them...

In a move that will bring a smile to the faces of many during this nasty credit crunch (wonder when it is no longer taboo to call it a Recession?) the progressive telco has announced it will slice the costs of its daily PAYG rates to a piffling £2 (from £5) while a full week's worth of surfing is now just £10 and 30 days will set you back only £20. At the same time the cost of the T-Mobile Broadband USB Stick 110/Dongle (pictured) for 3.6Mbit and 0.3Mbit upload and download speed respectively is only a mere £49.99.

“We’ve seen massive demand for mobile broadband from a range of people, so we’re creating ways for customers to only pay for days they actually need," said T-Mobile Head of Internet and Entertainment Richard Warmsley. "We have removed all complexity from the mobile broadband story, giving customers the confidence to simply pick it up off the shelf and start using it. Mobile broadband has hit the mainstream and we have made it simple for anyone to buy, use and understand.”

Obviously these moves make a great deal of sense not only to thrifty mobile surfers but also those who only have an irregular need for some mobile web action.

The new rates should be striking any minute, so if you thought you'd already made up your Mobile Broadband mind then perhaps it's time to think again...?


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September 19, 2008, 3:27 pm

That's excellent news. Although I think i'll wait for a network that actually has a network, to offer these kind of prices, before taking the plunge.

Hint, hint - O2 and Vodafone

ps before anyone tries to tell me that their coverage is 90 something % and they use 'so-and-so's' networks and classics like ' I find their network to be just as good as *who-ever*...where I live'

If you don't live in a city, a big city, or in some weird T-mobile out-of-city 'coverage bubble'...It's pants. Period. I do, though, thank them for their continuously competitive offers that keep the major player's prices in check. :)


September 19, 2008, 3:40 pm

Fair enough - I find their coverage very iffy too which is a shame as their tariffs are excellent.

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