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50 Cent Launches Sleek Headphones

David Gilbert


50 Cent Launches Sleek Headphones

50 Cent and Lady Gaga don't immediately scream consumer tech but today at CES we had a clash of the pop/rap icons as they threw their respective weights behind new technology.

Fiddy, (as we like to call him) strolled onto stage to launch his personally-branded wireless headphones from Sleek Audio. Snappily dressed in a suit, Fiddy went on to say how excited he was about being at his first CES (no surprises there). He said he had wanted to work with the acoustic experts at Sleek, adding that he "talked them into" working with him. We imagine he can be a pretty persuasive guy. The Sleek by 50 will be available worldwide by Q2 of this year and will be priced at about $350.

As for the headphones themselves, the Sleek by 50 are the "world's first pro-tuned wireless hybrid headphones with Kleer." Kleer technology claims to provide sound which is as good wirelessly as it is wired. The headphones have built-in track, volume and EDS (which is basically a bass boost button) controls on the ear pieces. Multi-listener technology allows for up to four of these headsets to connect to one source - handy for Fiddy's posse then. Sleek claim 10 hours rechargeable battery life independent of the audio source. The headsets are compatible with Android and Apple devices as well as PCs and laptops.

As news of these headphones was leaked in previous weeks, everyone began to compared Fiddy's headphones to Beats by Dr. Dre - and the big man didn't shy away from the point in his address. However, he did say he had made sure he would come out on top by bringing something to the market that was not already available. "I see everyone, not just my fans, enjoying the music. Music is the language of love. Music can break language barriers." Well said Mr. Cent.

Sleek told us it is planning a range of 50 branded products in the future.

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