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4oD Player Moves Online


4oD Player Moves Online

It's been a while, but 4oD, Channel4's rival contemporary to the BBC iPlayer download service, has finally been updated to also offer access to programs online, via a web browser. Sure, the Beeb managed that over a year ago, but don't be too hard on Channel4 - after all, they're giving you something for nothing, everyone's favourite deal!

As on the iPlayer, 4oD Online will allow access to programmes from the last seven days, and also offer clips from various past and present. The latter ability is likely to cause much frustration when you can't then actually watch the full programmes from where the clips come.

The download-to-watch player will carry on operating as normal, allowing viewers 30 days to keep programmes (from when aired, rather than from when downloaded). Unlike the BBC, Channel4 also allows 4oD users to purchase films and series on its PC-based player - allowing access to content past the 30-day free-to-watch limit.

As much as we may have sounded like BBC evangelists at TR, we're more than pleased to see Channel4 stepping up to offer the same level of service. It doesn't matter who's offering the free catch-up content, just so long as we can access it as easily as possible.


Channel4 4oD watch online.

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